BF4 Team Deliverance vs. dV - 5:5  
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Welcome to the Team Deliverance website!

New 60Hz Tick Server Online
Our new server is now live. 60Hz Tick 24-Man TDM. Everyone please join us for lagger & hacker free games!

60Hz TDM Madness - Team Deliverance [dV]


Team - dV a New Beginning!
Team - Deliverance is comprised of Adult members/gamers ranging in age from mid-20's to 40's. Founders USA m0t0-X / USA BS911 have been gaming together since 1998-99 and they are working on building a Team with that same close, long lasting gaming friendship with all current members and new members.

Team - dV is currently recruiting team members and members for our competitive team. Contact USA m0t0-X or USA BS911 if interested or visit us @ the website above, create an account and check the forums. We are looking to fill a few spots on the comp team at this time. If you're not interested in comp play we are also looking for ADULT members to build a friendly and fun environment for years to come.

|| Team - Deliverance Competitive Team (10) ||

- Current Roster -

USA m0t0-X | USA BS911 | USA CheshireMoe | Shoknovsky | ????
???? | ???? | ???? | ???? | ????

- Starters -


- Bench -

Hilarious Madden 16 movie!
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Gun statistics. Good read.
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Great site!!

webSPELL 4